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Idle Musings
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For anyone that's ever had an intriguing thought cross your mind and wanted to just put it out there...

For things that make you go 'hmmmmm'...

For the artist in you dying to showcase ...

For questions you don't expect answers to, but welcome them anyway ...

For moments when you simply have to share something...

For thoughts too shaming to say, but too daring to keep to yourself...

A note from your Moderator - queenofdemons

everyone's opinion expressed here is valid, though it may conflict with your/my own. That being said...


Please do not deliberately instigate arguements using 'hot topics'.

If you disagree with an opinion, please criticize constructively!
If you're being disagreed with, please respect that opinion and combat with a well thought out repose.

Do not bag out anyone's art or personal expression/opinion just to be a wretch

Positivity is more welcome than negativity

If your entry is longer than 10 lines, please use an LJ cut

I'm sure there'll be more as time goes on...
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